We have a lot of touristic interesting places in the vicinity of the estate:


The beautiful UNESCO town of Évora with a history starting in the stone age, Roman Empire, Visigothic, Islamic period, the middle ages and golden ages of Portuguese world explorations, the sleeping period thereafter and today..with impressive restorations of the City and its Churches and Monuments.
Évora is also the city for the daily necessities, the cosy cafes and restaurants

Roman culture

800 meters from the Estate you can visit the ruins of a Roman Bathhouse 2nd century AC
in the midst of nature you will find a Roman “highway” with the bridge over a river
In the City of Évora The Roman Temple of Diana is the biggest Roman monument next to the Roman Museum

Pre-historic sites

Near the village of Valverde you will find the “Anta do Zambujeiro” (the largest Dolmen of Spain and Portugal)
Close to Guadeloupe you will find  the megalithic complex “Cromeleque dos Almendres” being the biggest Stonehenge of the Hispanic peninsula

  • Agenda of local fairs and festivals are available at the camping cottage or at the news